10 quarterbacks who could be the Raiders' starter in 2024

Don't let the mini win streak fool you, these Raiders are far from a finished product.
Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell
Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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3. Mac Jones via trade

The New England Patriots are an absolute mess. Bill Belichick could be staring at either a top-5 draft pick or being out of a job, or both for that matter. At quarterback, New England is far from set. They might end up moving on from both Mac Jones and backup Bailey Zappe.

Is Jones a great option for the Raiders? Not necessarily. But, the offensive scheme and coordinators in place over his first three years haven't been ideal. Maybe a fresh start and some competition would be good for him.

4. Bo Nix via 2024 NFL Draft

We have come a long way from the Bo Nix at Auburn. At one point, if you were to tell me that Nix was a future first-round pick, I would have laughed. There was no shot of this guy going in the first round after his time with the Tigers. But, Oregon Bo Nix is a different player. The transformation is real, and Nix is now one of the best prospects in next year's class.

Nix has a strong build at 6-foot-2 and an above average arm. Overall, he's become a competitive and feisty quarterback. The kid loves to win, and does whatever it takes to do so. He certainly has some old-school Raider in him.