10 quarterbacks who could be the Raiders' starter in 2024

Don't let the mini win streak fool you, these Raiders are far from a finished product.

Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell
Las Vegas Raiders, Aidan O'Connell / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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7. Justin Fields via trade

Nobody knows what the Chicago Bears are going to do come the 2024 offseason. At the moment, starting quarterback Justin Fields is working his way back from injury and Chicago owns the rights to the no. 1 pick in the draft by way of the Carolina Panthers. There have been countless rumors of the Bears not being committed to Fields as their quarterback of the future, so if they wind up with that first overall pick, there is a good chance the Bears trade Fields and go on to select Caleb Williams.

Fields would be an immediate upgrade in Las Vegas and, if the Raiders were to hire one of the brighter offensive-minded head coaching candidates (assuming Antonio Pierce doesn't stick around) then Fields would have a great chance to finally pan out after Chicago failed to develop him correctly.

8. Riley Leonard via 2024 NFL Draft

Another option in the draft, should the Raiders wind up with a pick outside of the top 12, is Duke's Riley Leonard. At 6-foot-4, Leonard brings prototypical size to the position. He is a likely first-round talent who might fall just to the top of the second round, so the Raiders would have a great chance to get him if they wanted.

Leonard throws with some nice touch and also brings athleticism to the table; so much so, that he can somewhat ad-lib certain plays and make something out of nothing while extending a play that should have ended in a sack or a loss of yards in some fashion.