3 spicy trades Raiders should offer for Jonathan Taylor

Could Las Vegas make a move for Jonathan Taylor?
Jonathan Taylor, Raiders
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Trade Number 3: The Raiders give Indianapolis what they asked for

Finally, the Raiders could look to give the Colts what they have asked for in a Taylor trade. Indianapolis has a desire to receive a first-round pick in exchange for Taylor, or the equivalent compensation in other picks. So, maybe the Raiders take the chance and offer up a first-round pick. But, that's not the entire deal, here.

Taylor Trade 3

The Colts would get a first and seventh-round pick from the Raiders. Meanwhile, Las Vegas would get both Taylor and a fourth rounder. That fourth-round pick eases the sting of losing a first rounder just a bit, and probably tips the scale back toward Vegas with being a little more even.

Regardless of how the Raiders would do it, landing a back like Taylor would further their chances of competing in that AFC West featuring the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert. Sure, he wouldn't completely launch the Raiders into contention. But, he would absolutely help the cause.

What do we think, Raider nation? Should Vegas make a move like this?