4 trade destinations Raiders fans would hate for Davante Adams

We don't want to see Davante Adams land on one of these teams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have some issues, namely at quarterback. Mac Jones might not be the answer, but for now, Bill Belichick is sticking with him. One way Belichick could help Jones is by giving him a bonafide All Pro wide receiver like Adams, too. But, Raiders fans would hate to see it.

Raiders fans have long hated New England, and one of the most iconic reasons why dates all the way back to "The Tuck Rule" game featuring Tom Brady, whom Raiders fans will state to this day, got away with one. Since that game, this fan base has hated Brady, Belichick and the Patriots.

Last season, the Raiders enjoyed a bright spot at the expense of New England, though, when they were featured in the most shocking ending to a game in 2022. We all remember it: the Chandler Jones fumble return for a touchdown to end the game.

There has been no shortage of storylines between these two organizations over the years, but one thing is for certain: if the Raiders dealt Adams to Bill Belichick and the Patriots, fans would be less than thrilled.