4 trade destinations Raiders fans would hate for Davante Adams

We don't want to see Davante Adams land on one of these teams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
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3. Los Angeles Chargers

This one is a bit of a wild card. The Los Angeles Chargers have Keenan Allen established as their true WR1 and that hasn't changed for quite some time. He's become a target monster and a staple in that offense for Justin Herbert. He is "Mr. Reliable" when healthy, but that's typically been a question over the years; whether or not he can stay healthy.

Speaking of health, Chargers wideout Mike Williams was just lost for the season. Now, it is on the backs of Josh Palmer and rookie Quentin Johnston to fill Williams' shoes. But, we have seen Palmer in that role before and he hasn't necessarily been up to snuff. As for Johnston, he's just a rookie and has been brought along fairly slow thus far.

What if the Chargers surprised us and got in on the Adams discussions? There is no worse destination for Adams than going to an AFC West rival, and that's a fact. Fans would probably love to see Adams go back to the NFC at this point, rather than sticking around this conference and potentially tormenting them down the line.

It is unlikely that the Chargers get involved in Adams discussions, but with the loss of Williams, you never know. Brandon Staley is also arguably on the hot seat in 2023, so maybe he forces hands to do whatever it takes for him to stick around.