4 trade destinations Raiders fans would hate for Davante Adams

We don't want to see Davante Adams land on one of these teams

Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Kansas City Chiefs

Last, and most obvious, the Kansas City Chiefs would be the nightmare of all nightmares if they were able to land Adams. Through four weeks, Patrick Mahomes and the offense do not look like the same group that won a Super Bowl last season.

Mahomes is coming off a game against the New York Jets where he indeed struggled. Several of his passes were off target and he wound up throwing two interceptions; something we are not used to seeing, that's for sure.

After trading Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs went on to win it all last year, with Mahomes proving he didn't need an All Pro wide receiver to play at the highest of levels. Mahomes also won the MVP, of course, which further proved that point.

But, the Chiefs offense looks like a unit that could use one more big weapon. And, if they were to go out and land Adams, that would not only sting for Raiders fans, but for every other AFC fan base. Adams would make the Chiefs a clear favorite to go all the way for the second straight year.