4 salary cap decisions Las Vegas Raiders will have to make in 2024

How can the Raiders maximize their salary cap this offseason?
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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The 2024 offseason has already been an eventful one for the Las Vegas Raiders, but we're only getting started.

The Antonio Pierce era has officially begun after the former interim head coach got his shot to prove it last season. Now, Pierce is moving forward with the permanent title.

One of the first questions this team has to answer?


What will they do at quarterback?

We'll get to that later on, but before we do, let's look at some other decisions Las Vegas is going to have to make this offseason which will impact the salary cap.

1. Do the Raiders cut Hunter Renfrow?

The Raiders did things a little backwards, here. But, it is what it is. Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow signed a two-year extension during the summer of 2022, but just months later, the team replaced him with Jakobi Meyers. Renfrow's playing time evaporated before his eyes in 2023, and now, he's likely going to be looking for a new team.

Here's where the Raiders would sit, cap-wise, if they were to make this move:

Pre-June 1 cut: $8 million savings

Post-June 1 cut: $11.8 million

The savings if the Raiders were to trade Renfrow is very similar. Last year, the team tried to trade him and failed, which leads me to believe Renfrow is as good as cut. The only question now, is, whether the team will designate him as a pre-June 1 or post-June 1 cut. If they do it before June 1, that would obviously be best for the player, so that Renfrow can find a new team and get an earlier start on the offseason with his new spot.