4 salary cap decisions Las Vegas Raiders will have to make in 2024

How can the Raiders maximize their salary cap this offseason?
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo
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3. Does Josh Jacobs get brought back, and for what kind of money?

This is a tough call, for several reasons. First of all, Jacobs was the league's leading rusher during the 2022 season. But, he came back down to earth last year, a season which began shortly after Jacobs and the Raiders came to an agreement on a new, 1-year deal. The 2023 offseason was strenuous for both sides as the Raiders wanted Jacobs to play on the franchise tag.

As a free agent running back, Jacobs faces an uphill battle for long-term security. The landscape has changed so much over the last three or four years. It is to the point now where running backs hardly see a multi-year contract following their rookie deal. Even more scary, once a back has played their fifth season in the league, you can pretty much set a 1-year timer for their career to take a huge downturn, if it hasn't already.

That's exactly where Jacobs is at, coming off his fifth season in the league and being a workhorse for each one of those years. He's totaled over 1,300 carries in five seasons with the Raiders, and although he's only set to turn 26 in a few days, the mileage means more than his age.

I don't see Jacobs returning to the Raiders, especially with how last year ended. Despite Jacobs saying there's no bad blood, I don't believe it's likely he comes back. If he does, the Raiders probably wouldn't give him more than a 2-year deal worth $10 million annually and with flexibility to move on after this season.