Las Vegas Raiders signing Gardner Minshew was a huge mistake

The Las Vegas Raiders have signed a quarterback in Gardner Minshew, but it could come back to haunt them.

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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Will This Move Cause Complacency? 

At 27 years old, Gardner Minshew is almost certainly done developing as a player considering he is a quite similar player to the one he was as a rookie. As such, he is not going to be the Raiders' future of the franchise, regardless of how good he is in Las Vegas. 

With a dire need to add a rookie quarterback in the upcoming draft, the worst-case scenario would be missing out on one entirely. This is a feeling the members of Raider Nation know well as they were in the same situation last off-season after the signing of Garoppolo was enough to keep them from making a move for one of the draft's top quarterbacks. 

One of the most poorly kept secrets of this year’s draft cycle is that the Raiders and head coach Antonio Pierce are huge fans of Louisiana State quarterback Jayden Daniels and this move should not affect any potential move up the board for him or any other passer in this year's draft. 

The worst place any team can find themselves in is quarterback purgatory and a middling to below-average starter like Minshew is a quick way for a team to find themselves there if a contingency plan is not in place.