Las Vegas Raiders signing Gardner Minshew was a huge mistake

The Las Vegas Raiders have signed a quarterback in Gardner Minshew, but it could come back to haunt them.
Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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It Causes Unnecessary Pressure On A Rookie 

There is no denying the star power that Gardner Minshew possesses. Dating back to his days at Washington State, he has captivated fans with his goofy personality and even had Jaguars fans wearing fake mustaches to imitate him during his time as their starter. 

Even last season where he didn’t do much of anything special, the Indianapolis Colts fans quickly became fans of a player who was once their rival due to his infectious personality. 

Due to this, any rookie quarterback who eventually takes over for Minshew could face some pressure from the fanbase to succeed after unseating a player who will almost certainly become a fan favorite, especially if the Raiders win early on in Minshew’s tenure. 

Developing as a young quarterback in the NFL is one of the most difficult jobs in all of sports. A role that comes with an immense amount of pressure and scrutiny, the last thing the rookie would need is his own fans clamoring for the backup any time he makes a mistake. 

This is truly the biggest issue with the Minshew signing as a whole. He is not a good starting quarterback in the NFL but he is scrappy enough to win some games, endear himself to a fanbase and locker room but also push your team out of quarterback contention in the draft. This move could turn into a disaster, similar to the Garoppolo signing if the Raiders do not plan their future perfectly this off-season.