3 teams that need to call Raiders with Hunter Renfrow trade offers

Can the Raiders finally find a taker for Hunter Renfrow?
Las Vegas Raiders, Hunter Renfrow
Las Vegas Raiders, Hunter Renfrow / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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3. Buffalo Bills

Lastly, the Buffalo Bills make a ton of sense for Renfrow. It seems like they have been trying their hardest to find a compliment to Stefon Diggs for a while now, and have bene able to do so by committee. One week, we might see a blow-up game for Gabriel Davis. Another week could be a Dawson Knox game.

Then again, this past week it was Deonte Hardy who scored a key touchdown for the Bills. Quarterback Josh Allen is one of the best in the game, today, and will utilize what weapons he has. However, if you think back a couple of years, Allen had a phenomenal connection with former Bills wideout Cole Beasley.

Beasley's best years in the league came with Buffalo and catching passes from Allen. Beasley absorbed over 100 targets in three straight seasons, despite playing alongside Diggs. Think about Renfrow as a similar player who can line up in the slot, get open and, like Hurts' situation, give Allen someone to target when things break down.

Prime Cole Beasley was absolutely lethal in this offense at times, and Renfrow could give the Bills a similar type of weapon. Once again, if Buffalo offered a later pick, the Raiders should take it.