3 trades Raiders should make after freeing up cap space

Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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3. Chris Jones, DT, Chiefs

It is a long shot, but the Raiders should check in with their division rival about a potential Chris Jones trade. Jones has long been wanting a new contract, and is in the midst of a holdout. We aren't sure if he will end up playing in Week 1, or if the Chiefs and Jones will get a new deal done.

What we do know is that the Chiefs have not been hesitant to make a move regarding a player they do not plan on paying. Just take a look at the Tyreek Hill situation last year. Hill wanted a new deal, and the Chiefs shipped him off to Miami.

Now, dealing Jones within the AFC West would be even tougher to swallow than seeing them trade Hill. But, if Kansas City truly doesn't see a deal happening between them and Jones, then dealing him to a team like the Raiders shouldn't be that big of a deal. Kansas City likely doesn't see the Raiders as being contenders, thus making a trade like this wouldn't be as risky as, say, a trade with the Chargers.

The Raiders could definitely use some help up front, too, as current starters Bilal Nichols and Jerry Tillery are mid-level players at best. If they could land an All Pro talent like Jones, Las Vegas would be set up for much more success up front.