3 unacceptable stats from Raiders 1-1 start

Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo
Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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3. The Raiders are dead last in points per game

Let's first establish the fact that the Raiders have gone up against one formidable defense in the initial two weeks of the season. The Denver Broncos only allowed the Raiders 17 points in Week 1, but went on to allow 35 points to the Washington Commanders in Week 2.

Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills are one of the better defenses in football through two weeks.

Still, the Raiders are only averaging a measly 13.5 points per game on offense. And, again, this is an offense featuring last year's rushing leader in Josh Jacobs. It is featuring one of the best wide receivers in the game in Davante Adams.

Take Adams, for example. Last year, Adams averaged over 10 targets per game en route to a monster season. Through Week 2, he's gotten 8.5 targets per game. If we're looking at a team that has to rely on passing the football due to a lack of rushing prowess, Adams should be getting a whole lot more coming his way.

Jimmy Garoppolo has to be better, but is he capable? He's always been more of a game manager rather than someone you can win because of. The Raiders must start scoring points, or this is going to turn into an abysmal 2023 campaign.