Las Vegas Raiders will beat New England Patriots in Week 6 and here is why

The Las Vegas Raiders take on the New England Patriots in Week 6, and here is why they will come away with the victory.
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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There is no room for error for Raiders HC Josh McDaniels

Make no mistake about it, this is a huge game for Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. It has been a run to forget for McDaniels since taking over as head coach prior to the 2022 NFL season, as he won six games with a roster that made the playoffs in 2021, and has gotten off to another losing start in 2023.

Some of the decisions and playcalls he makes during the games have been downright head-scratching, and have led to losses on most weeks. This week, he goes against his former mentor in Bill Belichick, and if this game comes down to a chess match between the two head coaches, the Raiders are in serious trouble.

As of now, McDaniels has the support of team owner Mark Davis, but that could change in a heartbeat if the Raiders start losing games they are supposed to win, especially at home. I believe McDaniels will be coaching for his life in this one, and that could end up giving the Raiders an advantage, though we will have to wait and see if that happens.