Why the Las Vegas Raiders will beat the Jets in Week 10

The Las Vegas Raiders will host the New York Jets in Week 10, and here is why the Silver and Black will come away with the victory at home.

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders
New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Raiders confidence is through the roof under Antonio Pierce

There is no doubt that this Raiders team looks way different since Mark Davis decided to fire Josh McDaniels, Dave Ziegler, and Mick Lombardi. Interim head coach Antonio Pierce has come in and put his stamp on this team, and last week in his debut, they played with some classic Raiders swagger.

Pierce is a first-time head coach, so we need to tamper expectations a bit as he goes into his second game at the helm. However, it is clear that he is a leader of men, and that is exactly what this roster needed after McDaniels proved himself to be quite the mistake hire by Davis as the team's head coach.

Not only has Pierce gotten the starters to play well, but has proved himself to be a player's coach, letting the practice squad guys be on the sidelines for the win against the Giants. That is the kind of stuff that really makes players play their hardest for you, and you can see a different vibe surrouding this Raiders team as they head to the second half of their 2023 schedule.

Maybe his debut against the Giants was a fluke, and Pierce falls on his face the rest of the way, but I honestly do not see that coming. Even in his speech after the game, you saw a future Hall of Famer in Davante Adams staring at Pierce and agreeing with what he was saying, a glaring example of how much this team loves Pierce, and wants to go to work for him.