4 Raiders who won't be on the roster after NFL Trade Deadline

Will the Raiders be sellers at the trade deadline?

Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams
Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams / Harry How/GettyImages
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4. Jimmy Garoppolo, QB

Finally, a wild card.

Jimmy Garoppolo just got here, so why would the Raiders trade him? Well, first of all, if a team is truly looking toward the future, then just about anyone should be up for grabs. This is a quarterback-driven league, and Garoppolo has been one of the more stable passers in the league over the last several years.

He's not one who will be the reason you lose games, on most occasions. He is closer to an Alex Smith than he is a Patrick Mahomes, but still far away from being someone like a Rex Grossman (that's a throwback).

There could be a team that has a need for a quarterback, whether due to poor play or injury, prior to the deadline. One team that might make a lot of sense is the Atlanta Falcons, whose defense has taken a huge step forward and their offense has some excellent pieces in place.

The Raiders could look to completely tear it down, moving forward in the interim with rookie Aidan O'Connell and focusing on the 2024 offseason ahead.