Top 3 worries for the Raiders going into Week 2

Will the Raiders be able to drop the Bills to 0-2 on the season?

Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Allen
Las Vegas Raiders, Josh Allen / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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2. Facing Josh Allen after a bad game

Secondly, the Raiders now have to deal with one of the best quarterbacks in the game coming off a terrible performance. Bills quarterback Josh Allen spent all offseason hearing about his turnover concerns from last season, after he led the league in that category with interceptions and fumbles, combined.

Not only did Allen have a bad game, turning it over four times with three interceptions and a fumble, but the Bills lost to a New York Jets team that saw their starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, get carted off the field almost immediately after the game began.

The Bills are going to be an angry team going into this one. Allen is going to be on a mission against the Raiders. Again, all offseason he heard from both his coach, Sean McDermott, and general manager, Brandon Beane, how concerned the team was over his turnovers. He vowed to correct this area in 2023, but the season did not start out the way he would have liked.

You better believe Allen is going to come out firing in this one, especially considering the Raiders' defense isn't quite as potent as New York's.