3 reasons the latest Russell Wilson rumors are good news for the Raiders

Could Russ be cooking in Las Vegas pretty soon?

Las Vegas Raiders, Russell Wilson
Las Vegas Raiders, Russell Wilson / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Revenge is a heck of a motivator

As we alluded to earlier, Wilson is being coached by some in his circle to sign with the Raiders. And, the opportunity to play against Denver is certainly a motivating factor. The ability to go against the team that took a monumental hit just so they could cut ties with him should definitely impact whether or not Wilson gives the Raiders some serious thought as a free agent.

He's always shown himself to be a class act in the public eye, going out of his way to serve at children's hospitals for years now and being a goofy personality. But, there has to be part of him that so badly wants to stick it to the Broncos after the way things ended between the two sides.

For Wilson, the Raiders become one of the more attractive destinations. Being able to throw to Adams, play in a big market like Vegas and also having the chance to get revenge against Denver? That sounds like reason enough to want to make this union happen.