One Raiders rookie is already turning heads at OTAs and minicamp

They may already have a 2024 Draft steal on their hands.
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout
Las Vegas Raiders OTA Offseason Workout / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It can be tough to decipher what matters about OTAs and what doesn't. Offseason activities scratch the itch for people who are just waiting for any sort of football content, but it's not like there's a whole lot going on during these weeks.

Is the defense actually that far ahead of the offense? Do teams already know whether or not the rookies they just drafted are Day 1 contributors? No one knows! But that won't stop people from pretending to have answers, which is the true joy of early summer football. None of these hunches matter, so let it rip.

Take the Raiders. They wrapped up the last of their OTAs this week, and the reactions are pouring in. Fans got their first look at Gardner Minshew and Christian Wilkins in the silver and black, and a video of rookie guard Jackson Powers-Johnson bowling over a coach during a blocking drill was the moment of offseason workouts. But [dramatic music] what if I told you there was another rookie – taken way later in the draft, no less – who won the coveted "Turning Heads at OTAs" award.

Raiders rookie running back is garnering a ton of hype in OTAs

Dylan Laube, the 6th round pick out of New Hampshire (!!) has been all the rage these last few weeks. Sports Illustrated wrote that he could contribute "more than expected;" The Las Vegas Journal Review said that he could "quickly become a fan favorite." Sporting News even noted how much hype he was drawing a few weeks ago. Late round running backs being talked about as game-changers isn't especially new, but it sounds like the Raiders may have a certified Dude in Laube.

That's especially good news for Vegas, considering how underwhelming the running back depth chart looks right now. Right now, Alexander Mattison is RB1, and he's coming off a year where PFF ranked him 53rd out of 59 running backs. Behind Mattison is Zamir White and Ameer Abdullah, neither of which move the needle that much.

If Laube does end up making the 53-man roster, the Raiders may have a real recieving threat out of the backfield. White hasn't been bad in that role through the first two years of his career, but it never hurts to have options. And if Laube doesn't end up being much, that's fine, no one will remember this blog anywhere.