PFF lists Zamir White shockingly low on their list of 32 NFL starting running backs

Is Las Vegas Raiders Zamir White really this far behind the rest of the NFL's running backs?
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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There will be some big changes when it comes to the Las Vegas Raiders this season, but none bigger than at the running back spot. Since being a first-round pick of the franchise back in 2019, Josh Jacobs has become the face of that position group, rounding into one of the more efficient running backs in all of the NFL.

However, this offseason, the front office decided to let him walk via free agency, and he was quickly signed by the Green Bay Packers. During his final season with the Raiders, Jacobs suffered a late-year injury, and was replaced by Zamir White, who seemed more than up to the challenge,

Starting four games, White rushed for over 100 yards twice, including a memorable game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Christmas Day. That should give the Raiders reason to be excited about White's first full season as the starter in Las Vegas, but the national media is not as high on the third-year back.

Over at Pro Football Focus, they ranked all 32 starting NFL running backs for the 2024 season, and White was shockingly low on the list.

Raiders White ranked No. 32 of 32 running backs

There was no big shock at the top of the list, as guys like Christian McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, and Jonathan Taylor are all proven commodities at the NFL level. But to rank Zamir White as the worst starting running back in the NFL going into the 2024 NFL season is a bit short-sighted.

Yes, the sample set is not huge, but he looked the part in his four starts last season, and will be playing within an offense that likes to run the ball. His blend of speed and power translates to the pro game, and he also has a talented group behind him to help spell him during the season.

I understand that White does not have a huge sample set, but from what we saw last season, he easily should have been ranked higher than last in the NFL. We will see what he brings to the table in a full-time role this upcoming season, but if he is anywhere as productive as he was last season, he could be a middle-of-the-pack type running back in today's NFL.