Predicting when the Las Vegas Raiders will fire Josh McDaniels

The Las Vegas Raiders could make a move at head coach this season, firing Josh McDaniels, and here is where it is likely to happen.
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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Raiders beat a very bad Broncos team in Week 1

Week one set the tone for the season even if Raiders fans didn’t realize it. The Raiders squeaked out a win by a single point against the Denver Broncos. A point that was essentially a missed extra point in the first quarter. The excitement amongst Raider Nation was palpable after defeating the Broncos for the seventh straight time.

Little did Raider Nation know, this was an embarrassing victory. Scoring 17 points against the Broncos would have been a warning if only we could see how bad Denver’s defense truly is. The Washington Commanders put 35 points up against them in week two. Then, this week, the Miami Dolphins scored an absurd 70 points.

A 17-16 victory no longer looks so great for the Raiders.

Hiring Josh McDaniels was a mistake from day one; however, I erred on the side of optimism. Let’s give this a try and see where he takes the team. Last season, the new regime traded for Davantae Adams (awesome).

Then the Raiders proceeded to blow three 17-point leads in one season. McDaniels dealt with injuries to two of the best offensive weapons. Hunter Renfrow and Darren Waller each missed roughly half of the season.