Predicting when the Las Vegas Raiders will fire Josh McDaniels

The Las Vegas Raiders could make a move at head coach this season, firing Josh McDaniels, and here is where it is likely to happen.
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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Raiders have been terrible under McDaniels

The arguments that McDaniels took possession of a team that over-achieved the year before seemed convincing. The 2021 Raiders weren’t really a playoff team. They just got lucky to sneak in only to get beat in the Wild Card Round. He really needed his players to make the offense turn into the Las Vegas version of the Patriots.

Well, he got what he asked for. Derek Carr and Darren Waller are gone. Hunter Renfrow has seemingly been removed from the game plan. Jimmy Garoppolo is in at quarterback. Jacobi Meyers signed a deal directly from New England. There are, by my count, five offensive players left from the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders team that went 10-7 and made the playoffs despite multiple off-field distractions.

This is Josh McDaniels’ version of the Raiders.

With all of the changes, the Raiders are playing like an expansion team. The “offensive genius” has the Raiders 30th in points scored, 24th in yards, and 31st in offensive plays run. The only statistic that the Raiders are close to the league lead in is turnovers since Garoppolo has thrown six interceptions in the first three games. Since the offense can’t maintain a drive, that means 25% of the drives end with a turnover. The Raiders actually lead the league in that stat.