Predicting when the Las Vegas Raiders will fire Josh McDaniels

The Las Vegas Raiders could make a move at head coach this season, firing Josh McDaniels, and here is where it is likely to happen.
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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So when will the Raiders fire McDaniels?

When will this ill-fated experiment end? Unfortunately, it won’t end until November 27th. That is a guess based on the Raiders bye week which isn’t until week 13. After playing Kansas City on Thanksgiving weekend, I can’t imagine Josh McDaniel will keep his job. The Raiders will likely be 3-9 at that point given how the team is playing currently.

I don’t want to be negative. I just have nothing left to hope for with this current team. The offensive line is a disgrace. Josh Jacobs sitting out of the entire offseason is part of his early struggle, but what is supposed to do when he is getting hit in the backfield nearly every play? Our quarterback can’t throw the ball downfield. It is sad because Adams and Meyers are dragging the team down the field by themselves.

The defense offers one tiny glimmer of hope. They aren’t a good unit, but they aren’t as bad as expected. Divine Deablo, Maxx Crosby, and Robert Spillane look solid. The failure to create a turnover in three games is concerning especially given that Garoppolo throws to the other team more times than he has targeted any tight end.

So, circle the date on the calendar. November 27th is the date. Raider Nation can sit back and know yet another failed coach has come and gone as we recover from our turkey hangover. The discussion of the next coach can begin. I for one would welcome someone who embraces Raider culture and builds a team that actually resembles the renegades of the National Football League.