Las Vegas Raiders: 2 position groups that could struggle, 2 that could be elite

With the 2024 NFL Draft in the books, we look at two Las Vegas Raiders position groups that could thrive in 2024, and two that could struggle.
Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders WR group should be must-see TV

The wide receivers would be the second group at the top. With Davante Adams as a genuine, undisputed number one, Jakobi Meyers as a legitimate two, Tre Tucker the deep-ball speedster, and the addition of veterans Michael Gallup and Jalen Guyton, you have a strong group of wideouts.

This group has an abundant supply of talent and depth. For the wider receiver core, the expected depth chart would be as follows:

WR 1-Davante Adams WR 2-Jacob Meyers WR 3- Tre Tucker WR 4-Michael Gallup/Jalen Guyton

Not to mention, Brock Bowers, a tight end selected in the first round of the draft, has the athleticism to line up outside as well as in the slot, something he put on display frequently while attending Georgia. Now all the Raiders have to do is choose which quarterback they want to throw the ball to, and I have no doubt that this talented group can make a good quarterback look good.

Since the offseason is early, decisions can still be made. Even so, you feel very good if this was the roster for the season, especially with this coaching staff. From top to bottom, this is one of the most talented Raiders rosters we have seen in a number of years. Hopefully, their excitement can translate into winning as they are expected to be one of the more entertaining teams to watch.