Handing out the Las Vegas Raiders 2023 season awards

The Las Vegas Raiders wrapped up their 2023 NFL season with a win against Denver, and here, we hand out the season awards for the Silver and Black.
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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Play of the Year: Jack Jones INT for TD vs Chargers

During the season, the Las Vegas Raiders made a move to bring in Jack Jones off of waivers, and he proved to be just what the defense needed. Jones came to Las Vegas with a bit of a rough reputation, but interim head coach Antonio Pierce took a chance on him based on their history together.

Pierce has known Jones since he was in high school, and recruited him to play for him at Arizona State. That gamble paid off in a big way, as they got the star cornerback for a cheap price, and he will be slotted in as the team's CB1 going into next season.

Jones made some memorable plays for the Raiders in 2023, but none bigger than the one he made against the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night football. With the Raiders season on the line, the Raiders needed to beat the Chargers, and beat them they did, scoring 63 points, with two touchdowns coming from the defense.

One of those touchdowns was one of the more incredible interceptions we have seen in a long time. Take a look back at this incredible play here:

Against Kansas City the following game, Jones had another pick-six, and one could argue that was the Play of the Year as well. However, one-handed against a division rival with the season on the line? We will take that any day of the week.