Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: 3 wild trades to land QB Jayden Daniels

The Raiders are in the market for a new quarterback and Jayden Daniels looks like the No.1 target, here are 3 wild trades that could land him.

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No. 1

This is the first of the blockbuster trades that could see the Raiders land Daniels and it involves the Washington Commanders who are currently picking 2nd overall. The Commanders had an awful season with Sam Howell at the helm and many are predicting that they will select Drake Maye to hit the reset button on the franchise.

As the saying goes, everything has a price and the Commanders could be convinced to trade down for the right offer and this should do it. This is similar to the offer the Eagles made in 2016 in order to draft Carson Wentz and they gave up quite the haul to the Cleveland Browns.

In this scenario, the Raiders would send pick 13 and 113 (1st and 3rd round) in 2024, and their 1st and 2nd round picks in 2025 in exchange for #2 overall.

This would allow the Raiders to not be concerned whatsoever about anyone snatching Daniels ahead of them as Caleb Williams seems to be the consensus #1 pick whether it’s Chicago or anyone else making that selection. It is a heavy price to pay but it could be worth it if the Raiders are able to land a QB that can lead the franchise for the next decade or more.

The Commanders could use this as an opportunity to truly hit the reset button on their franchise because they know that they are not just a QB away from contention like the Raiders feel they are. This feels like a real win-win for everyone involved.