Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: 3 wild trades to land QB Jayden Daniels

The Raiders are in the market for a new quarterback and Jayden Daniels looks like the No.1 target, here are 3 wild trades that could land him.

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No. 2

This is another potential trade that is based on recent history as the Raiders will look to entice the New England Patriots to give up the #3 overall pick. In this scenario, the Bears and Commanders go back to back with Caleb Williams and Drake Maye and the Raiders jump up 10 slots to select Jayden Daniels.

In the 2023 NFL Draft, the Texans made a blockbuster trade with the Cardinals where they received #3 and #105 overall, and sent the Cardinals the #12 and #33 picks, as well as a first and third round pick in 2024. Perhaps the asking price was a bit different knowing that the Texans were not going to be drafting a QB since they just picked CJ Stroud but Anthony Richardson was still on the board so there could have been competing offers for teams looking to leapfrog the Colts who picked him at 4.

The Patriots will almost certainly be starting a new QB in 2024 after naming Jerod Mayo as their new head coach and knowing that the Mac Jones era is over in New England. They are however notorious for trading back and that may not just be Bill Belichick doing what he does if it is part of the franchise identity.

Similar to the Commanders, they may know that they need a full roster rebuild especially with weapons on offense and this trade could set them up very nicely in the future.

For the Raiders, it is a slightly lesser price to pay than the jump up to #2 and it allows them to pick their franchise QB