Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Everything you need to know about Brock Bowers

The Las Vegas Raiders went with the best player available at pick 13 and snagged Brock Bowers out of Georgia, how does he fit in Las Vegas?
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Throughout the mock draft offseason, the Las Vegas Raiders were probably linked with dozens of players at pick 13. Personally speaking, I put out 14 different mock drafts for Just Blog Baby and none of them had the Raiders taking Brock Bowers 13th overall.

Even in mock drafts where we had the Raiders trade down to the end of the first round or even the top of the second, Brock Bowers was either already off the board or someone we just did not consider a realistic possibility for Las Vegas. There were also a couple of mock drafts that had the Raiders focusing on best player available regardless of need and Bowers was also either off the board for just not the best player available at the time.

So when we say that this pic was a huge shock to Raider Nation then that may be an understatement. Many mock drafts had Bowers going 5th overall to the Los Angeles Chargers, 10th to the New York Jets, or later in the first round to a team did not have a massive need at a more premium position. Instead he ends up in Las Vegas to the team that he grew up rooting for and it shows a different approach to the draft that the Raiders may be taking this year.

Since we have not done much coverage of Bowers so far this offseason, let’s get to know this young man and see how he fits into the rebuild happening in Las Vegas!