Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Everything you need to know about Brock Bowers

The Las Vegas Raiders went with the best player available at pick 13 and snagged Brock Bowers out of Georgia, how does he fit in Las Vegas?
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How does Brock Bowers fit in Las Vegas? What impact can he make as a rookie?

The Raiders already had a starting caliber tight end in Michael Mayer that they just drafted in the second round last year but they are two different players in style and approach. Mayer is also 6-4 but is quite a bit heavier at 265lbs and is more adept as an inline blocker than Bowers is. He had a decent season considering the Raiders struggles on offense and we know he will only get better, but he is nowhere near as explosive as the Georgia star.

What Bowers brings to the table is versatility and a potential matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. The Raiders can line him up in the slot or as an outside receiver and he has the route running ability to do so. We can easily foresee a lineup with Bowers and Davante Adams lined up out wide, Jakobi Meyers in the slot, and Mayer at tight end which would give defenses fits.

This also allows the Raiders to operate heavily out of 12 personnel which is something Antonio Pierce will love as he looks to build a bully in Las Vegas. This personnel group will be amongst the best in the NFL save for the QB which is a concern but whoever is under center will have plenty of weapons to rely on this year.

In terms of impact, it’s rare that rookie tight ends put up huge numbers as the position is among the most complicated in the NFL. Not only do you have to learn all the calls for your routes, you have to be on top of your blocking assignments as well. Luke Getsy ran 12 personnel quite often and perhaps the Raiders can keep things rolling with Mayer as the starting tight end and deploy Bowers and his athleticism all over the field.

We should temper our expectations on the young star but we know he has incredible potential and this pick could end up being a jackpot for Las Vegas, especially once they get the franchise QB in place.