Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Grade and fit for Jackson Powers-Johnson at No. 44 overall

The Las Vegas Raiders selected Jackson Powers-Johnson at pick No. 44 overall, and here is how he fits the roster, and the grade for the selection.
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In the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders did not necessarily select a player from a position of need. Instead, the Raiders went with the best player available, bringing in Georgia star tight end Brock Bowers.

In the second round, with needs at offensive tackle and cornerback still pressing, new general manager Tom Telesco once again went best player available, adding Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson. This was an interesting pick, as the team just made a three-year commitment to Andre James, but a talent like him was hared to pass up on.

How Jackson Powers-Johnson fits the Raiders

It will be interesting to see where Powers-Johnson fits in as a rookie, as James recently signed a three-year/$24 million deal. He could slot in at one of the open starting offensive guard spots, though he was drafted as a center, so a decision will have to be made at that very important position.

Wherever he plays, Powers-Johnson has Day 1 starting potential, and was widely regarded as the best interior offensive lineman in this draft class. Telesco is stacking elite talent early in the 2024 NFL Draft, and that will serve the Raiders well this upcoming season, and beyond.

Raiders draft Grade: Jackson Powers-Johnson

Bringing a player like Powers-Johnson is only going to make the roster better, but the issue is that this selection once again bypasses a position of need. Still, the Raiders may have found their long-term center, as he projects to be an excellent player at the NFL level for years to come.

Powers-Johnson is an elite talent, and the Raiders offensive line gets a big boost by bringing him in at No. 44 overall. Had he played a position of need, this grade would be a lot higher, but a solid B+ for Tom Telesco, who continues to stack elite talent on the roster for the 2024 NFL season.

Grade: B+