Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Oregon QB Bo Nix

The Las Vegas Raiders have a need at quarterback this offseason, but would Oregon star Bo Nix fill that role?

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Raiders Draft Prospect Profile on Oregon QB Bo Nix: Strengths

Over his lengthy stay in college football, Bo Nix has routinely dazzled fans and scouts with his arm talent. Capable of launching the ball from a variety of arm angles and uneven bases, every throw on the field is available to him. While his arm is not in the same tier as Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes, it is one of the best in the class. 

As an athlete, he is dangerous as well and is someone defenses have to monitor when he escapes the pocket as he can make them pay with his legs and is a load to bring down at a very thickly built 6’2” 217. 

The downfield ball placement is fantastic as well and clearly where he feels most comfortable throwing the football. Certainly not afraid to let it rip, he does so with good touch and delivers an easily catchable football. 

The most impressive part of Nix’s college career is no doubt his transformation as a player from his time at Auburn to the present day. Initially a reckless passer who seemed to treat the game like recess, he has since become a methodical, intentional passer who only goes to the creative well when necessary. He is no doubt a markedly different quarterback than the one who started as a true freshman for the Tigers.