Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Oregon QB Bo Nix

The Las Vegas Raiders have a need at quarterback this offseason, but would Oregon star Bo Nix fill that role?

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Raiders Draft Prospect Profile on Oregon QB Bo Nix: Weaknesses

First and foremost, age will be a topic of discussion among evaluators when it comes to Nix who will be a 24 year old rookie. To what extent did his advanced age and experience aid his ability to improve as a player at the college level?

On the field, it is hard to truly quantify how much of what Nix did in 2023 is translatable to an NFL offense as he led the country in passes at our behind the line of scrimmage by throwing tons of screens and check downs. 

The downfield throws to Troy Franklin certainly exist, but are far outweighed by the dump-offs. The question NFL teams will be seeking the answer to is was this simply the preference of the offensive coordinator or an indictment on Nix's ability to run a pro-style offense?

These questions will be exacerbated by the severe lack of anticipatory throws in his film. While the route concepts didn’t do him any favors in this regard, he did not fare well in these situations when asked to do so.