Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Oregon QB Bo Nix

The Las Vegas Raiders have a need at quarterback this offseason, but would Oregon star Bo Nix fill that role?

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Raiders Draft Prospect Profile on Oregon QB Bo Nix: Conclusion

Overall, Nix makes for a complicated evaluation. If he was still the same gun-slinging passer he was at Auburn this would be an easy evaluation as a player who doesn’t possess the ability to play at the NFL level. However, after last season's dominance at Oregon, he is truly a different player altogether. 

Still, the offense he ran last season will not be a seamless transition to the NFL as he will be asked to make much more difficult throws on a regular basis. He has the club in his bag to make these throws physically, but will he get there mentally? 

Currently, I see Nix as a day-two quarterback who should probably be taken toward the third round and not the second. However, the quarterback tax is a real thing and if a team loves him and wants to grab him early on day two, I can understand the reasoning. 

For the Raiders, Nix would be a likely target if he is available early in the second round. If Las Vegas strikes out in their attempt to move up for a quarterback in round one, they could make a much less expensive move up on day two to acquire Nix services.

Now a quarterback battle between Aidan O'Connell and Bo Nix certainly isn't going to strike fear into the Kansas City Chiefs but Nix would represent a higher floor option for the offense at a whole but it is likely that the team will be in the market for another quarterback in 2025.