Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: USC QB Caleb Williams

With the NFL Draft around the corner, Caleb Williams should be in the Raiders plans.
UCLA v USC / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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Raiders QB prospect Caleb Williams Strengths

As anyone who has watched Caleb Williams play can tell you, his creativity is what makes him such an exciting prospect. Simply, he just doesn’t see football the same way most players do as his arm and athletic ability allow him to do whatever he wants on the field, routinely getting out of the pocket and turning broken plays into massive, game-changing plays down the field or with his legs.

To go along with this nearly unhinged creative approach to the sport, Williams is equipped with a gigantic arm. Throws 50+ yards down the field look like layups to him and he drives the ball with velocity to all levels of the field. The ball placement and overall accuracy he displays are also top-notch.

As mentioned, his legs will be a factor in the NFL. While he is certainly much more interested in throwing the ball downfield, he is a weapon when he tucks it and runs and was used in the zone read game often by Lincoln Riley.

Overall, the mindset he plays the game with will be his biggest strength in the NFL. Always looking to hit big plays down the field, he is an aggressive player who exudes confidence that his teammates seem to reciprocate.