Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: USC QB Caleb Williams

With the NFL Draft around the corner, Caleb Williams should be in the Raiders plans.

UCLA v USC / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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Raiders QB prospect Caleb Williams Weaknesses

By far the biggest knock on Williams's NFL projection will be his ability to play “in structure”. While the big plays he creates when things break down are exciting, there are times when you need to be happy with hitting your back foot and getting the ball out in time.

While I would certainly argue he is better at winning from the pocket than most would claim, it is an area where he could use a bit of polish.

In addition, he tends to play “hero ball”. This is because, for his entire life, he has been the best player on the field which leads to the belief that he can always make the plays necessary. Most of the time, this is true but he will have to reel it in a bit in the NFL where all the athletes are elite. Expect a high interception total in his rookie year as he sees what he can and can’t get away with early on.

NFL evaluators will also have to decide how they evaluate a player who is just different than most quarterbacks. Whether it’s painting his fingernails with expletives directed at his opponents or crying in the stands with his parents after a big loss, these are not issues that will affect his play but they will be something that weighs heavily on the demographic that is making the selections and handing out the money.