Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

One of the top quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft class, Michael Penix Jr. will be heavily evaluated by the Las Vegas Raiders.
Washington v Oregon State
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Raiders QB prospect Michael Penix Jr. Strengths

While he was once more of a threat with his legs, the injuries to his knee have sapped some of the explosiveness he used to have in that area. However, he has since developed nicely into a drop-back passer who does well to deliver the ball to all levels of the field with a nice touch.

Throughout much of the season, his poise under pressure and in big games was his biggest strength as he just never seemed to get rattled, no matter the stakes. It’s these reasons why the playoff game against Texas was so exciting for evaluators.

In what was truly a banner game for Penix, he also, once again, didn’t get sacked, something that has become a talent of his as just 6.8% of all pressures against him turned into sacks.

His arm isn’t anything super special but he has the requisite arm strength to push the ball down the field and he can challenge some tight windows in the short to intermediate areas of the field with good velocity.

Mechanically, he has a quick, snappy release when he is feeling confident and throwing in rhythm that will allow him to operate the quick game at a high level in the NFL provided he doesn't allow pressure to change his motion.