Raiders 2024 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

One of the top quarterback prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft class, Michael Penix Jr. will be heavily evaluated by the Las Vegas Raiders.
Washington v Oregon State
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Raiders QB prospect Michael Penix Jr. Evaluation

At this point, Penix appears to be a lock for the first round and has a pretty good chance of going in the top-fifteen. Such is the demand for quarterbacks that teams won’t care that he is going to be 24 at the start of his rookie season. 

While he does show some promise, I believe the Washington product is being elevated a little based on some huge games that took place on television and just an overall need for new quarterbacks. 

Can Penix be a starter in the NFL? In the right system, absolutely. His ability to throw the ball down the field is fantastic and a thing of beauty even if the receiver group he had in college might be better than the one he has his rookie year. 

Alas, his fear of the middle of the field and the tendency to panic under pressure he showed against Michigan would have me very wary of spending a top-15 pick on him. A selection at the top of the second round similar to Will Levis last year would make the most sense to me. 

For the Raiders, Penix is a realistic target if the team elects to stay at 13. While it’s not a pick I would make, he could find success with Davante Adams and Jakobi Meyers as his receivers behind a solid offensive line. The offensive coordinator hire will be massive in deciding who they take, but expect Penix to be heavily in the discussion if the Silver and Black don’t make a trade-up.