Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Where do the top QBs rank?

As the NFL Draft draws closer, these eight quarterbacks are the best available, but which is the perfect fit for the Raiders?
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8. Joe Milton, Tennessee

 A redshirt senior hailing from the University of Tennessee after a transfer from Michigan in 2020, you can’t possibly miss Joe Milton on the field. Standing at all of 6’5” and 235 pounds, he physically looked the part of a future NFL quarterback en route to 2,769 passing yards and twenty touchdowns last season for the Volunteers. 

While his sheer size will intrigue evaluators, his unbelievable arm strength will have them drooling. The strongest arm in the class, he will immediately have one of the best in the NFL as it is just under the legendary howitzers possessed by Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. 

However, despite the massive arm putting him on the map, it also hurts his NFL projection in a lot of ways. Milton is a true “one-speed” thrower who would seemingly have no issue throwing the ball directly through his receivers' chests. 

In addition to throwing a figuratively uncatchable ball, he also throws a lot of literally uncatchable passes as his accuracy to all levels of the field is just not at an NFL level in its current form. Per PFF, he completed just 38.6% of his passes beyond 10 yards. 

In the NFL, Milton will hope to latch on as a "developmental" quarterback for a team that is enticed by the military-grade cannon attached to his right shoulder. Alas, this is a player who has played in six college football seasons and is largely the same player he was as a freshman in Ann Arbor. The physical profile will get him drafted, but the long-term projection is bleak. 

Grade: Day three dart throw.