Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Where do the top QBs rank?

As the NFL Draft draws closer, these eight quarterbacks are the best available, but which is the perfect fit for the Raiders?
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7. Bo Nix (Oregon)

Perhaps no player in the country has transformed their game the way that Bo Nix has across his NCAA record 61 starts with both the Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks. 

When Nix burst onto the scene in 2019 he was a reckless, immature passer who had too much faith in his right arm and would try to force the ball into windows that were actually just keyholes. Furthermore, he proved time and time again that he could not functionally operate an offense due to an unwillingness to get the ball out of his hands. 

Fast forward to 2023-24 however and two seasons with the Ducks, and Nix is an entirely different player. Gone are the boneheaded decisions which have now been replaced by a litany of throws at or near the line of scrimmage, showcasing mental growth to understand what he’s truly capable of doing on the field. 

That said, the offense he was running with such success at Oregon, is not replicable at the professional level. Yes, the big-time throws are there and they look nice when he’s dropping it in the basket to Troy Franklin, but he has swung so far in the other direction that he is now too timid of a passer.

Due to his ability to keep the ball out of harm's way and keep an offense on schedule, Nix will have a job in the NFL for a long time as a backup who can keep your team afloat in the event of an injury. However, so far in his career, Nix has been a better player as he’s gotten older than his competition, and when you take the ball out of his hands which are two glaring red flags in a prospects game. 

So while he has a higher floor than players such as J.J. McCarthy and Spencer Rattler, his ceiling has already been hit, and it is not high enough to feel comfortable with anywhere in rounds one through three. 

Grade: Fourth round.