Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Where do the top QBs rank?

As the NFL Draft draws closer, these eight quarterbacks are the best available, but which is the perfect fit for the Raiders?
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5. Spencer Rattler (South Carolina)  

Once considered the number one high school quarterback in the country in 2019, Spencer Rattler’s story begins in Norman with the Oklahoma Sooners where after the 2020 season, some thought he could eventually be the number one overall pick in the draft due to his electrifying arm talent. 

Alas, he would eventually be benched in favor of Caleb Williams before transferring to play for the Gamecocks in South Carolina where he would finish fifth in school history in passing yards despite having his spotlight all but erased once leaving Oklahoma. 

Still, the skills that had analysts talking about him as a future top-three selection still exist. Rattler possesses an incredible arm capable of making every single throw on the field, from any arm slot, and from any platform. He will drive the ball to all levels with velocity and does so with a snappy release that makes him deadly in the RPO game. 

Furthermore, he is an unselfish player who is willing to stand in muddy pockets and deliver the ball in the face of pressure, sometimes taking huge hits as a result. Unlike other passers who possess this level of pure arm talent, Rattler has an innate ability to layer the ball through coverage in the intermediate level of the field and give his receivers an easily catchable pass. 

However, similar to other passers that have an elite arm, Rattler is also incredibly confident in it and will attempt any throw at any time, and, while he can get the ball to all areas, those areas can also inhabit defenders, leading to turnovers. 

Rattler is also quite small for the position at 6’0” and 211 pounds and would never be confused for a high-level athlete. So while he can maneuver a pocket quite well, he’s not going to be a high-level play extender. 

At the next level, Rattler, the 2024 Senior Bowl MVP, certainly has the talent to become a starting quarterback who can transform an offense with his skill set. Alas, if he cannot rein himself in and simply throw more checkdowns he will not have a future in the league, even as a backup. His range of outcomes is wide which makes him one of the most interesting players in the class.

Grade: Third Round.