Raiders 2024 NFL Draft: Where do the top QBs rank?

As the NFL Draft draws closer, these eight quarterbacks are the best available, but which is the perfect fit for the Raiders?
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1. Caleb Williams (USC)

Perhaps the easiest number-one overall selection in years, Caleb Williams is an obvious franchise-changing talent who doesn’t enter the league often. A former top recruit at Oklahoma, he beat out fellow draft classmate Spencer Rattler for the starting job. Eventually, he would transfer to USC where he would win a Heisman trophy. 

On the field, Williams is most reminiscent of a magician. Moving around the pocket as if he is untouchable, he can create incredible plays out of structure whether it be huge downfield passes or chunk plays with his legs. This is also where he showcases his uncanny ability to throw the ball from any position he chooses. 

An absurdly flexible athlete, he doesn’t lose any velocity or arm strength when throwing on the move or even while falling. His arm is seemingly made of elastic and engineered to launch the football into any window at an unbelievable speed or with tremendous touch. 

One of the most creative quarterbacks in the history of the game, Williams just doesn’t see the game the same way most players do and is seemingly always one step ahead of the defense. Will he have some rough plays as a rookie while he learns what he can get away with in the NFL? Absolutely. However, these are only going to be beneficial in the long run. 

While teams and fans will ponder ignorant talking points about whether he can be an NFL quarterback because he paints his nails and has a pink phone case, he will just continue to do what he’s always done. Be the best football player on the field.

Grade: Better than your favorite player. The best.