Raiders 2024 schedule: 4 most significant games of the season

These games will tell us a lot about this Las Vegas Raiders team during the 2024 NFL season.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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With one of the more difficult roads ahead, we have looked at the entire Las Vegas Raiders schedule, the toughest games, and stretches, now we can discuss four games that will be pivotal this upcoming season. Each of these games is crucial because it will reveal to us the kind of team the Raiders will field this season and whether or not the 2024 campaign will be deemed a success.

Raiders 2024 schedule: 4 most significant games of the season

Week 3 vs Carolina Panthers

Most people probably did not consider the Carolina Panthers as a significant opponent for the Raiders in 2024. Allow me to explain the significance that the Week 3 home opener can have on the upcoming season.

The Raiders lost three games last season (against the Vikings, Bears, and Steelers) despite being favored and expected to win those games. The two worst games of the season were undoubtedly the 30-12 loss to Tyson Bagent and the Bears and the 3-0 loss to Josh Dobbs and the Vikings.

Considering how tough the schedule will be in 2024, winning games the Raiders should win is crucial. The three upset losses from the previous season decided whether or not the team made the playoffs. When they play the Panthers early in the year, we will be able to determine whether these opponents will be viewed as "winnable" games.