Raiders 2024 schedule: 4 most significant games of the season

These games will tell us a lot about this Las Vegas Raiders team during the 2024 NFL season.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Week 11 @ Miami Dolphins

Unquestionably, one of the most significant games the Raiders will play is in Miami during Week 11. Head coach Antonio Pierce and the coaching staff will be able to make adjustments and have a strategy for the back half of the season, in this first game following the bye week.

Last season, the Raiders' defense was among the best in the league after their bye week (Weeks 14–18). The Dolphins, who were a formidable foe the previous season, are expected to return to form and are a team that consistently performs better at home in Miami. We should be encouraged about the remainder of the season if the Raiders can go to Hard Rock Stadium and demonstrate an inspired style of football.

Week 13 @ Kansas City Chiefs

The playoff race will be in full swing by this time of year, and it will be one of the Raiders' final opportunities to play a division rival. The Raiders are a team that typically plays exceptionally well against the Kansas City Chiefs over the last few seasons, and I don't anticipate anything different this year.

Not only would a win help the spot in the division, but it would also provide momentum and confidence heading into the easiest stretch of the schedule (Weeks 14–18). Not to mention that the entire nation will be watching since it's a primetime game on Black Friday. Let's hope for a repeat of last season's Christmas game, when the Raiders defense was put on display in a 20-14 win.