Raiders 2024 schedule: 4 most significant games of the season

These games will tell us a lot about this Las Vegas Raiders team during the 2024 NFL season.
Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Week 17 @ New Orleans Saints

The significance of the second to last game is that by the time the Raiders travel to New Orleans, they will most likely be vying for a playoff berth. Similar to last season, in Week 17, the Raiders were playing for a playoff spot against now-current Raiders quarterback Gardner Minshew; this season, they will be in the same situation, with the only difference being that they will face former Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

It's the quarterback's first game against the team he was drafted by and spent nine seasons with. This will be the most significant storyline of the game, but you also have former Raiders head coach Dennis Allen (2012-14), So there's no doubt that these two would love to play spoiler for their old team and its playoff hopes.

Going into the Superdome with your former quarterback and coach on the other side, possibly with the postseason on the line. The importance of this game is self-explanatory, and it provides the Raiders with another opportunity to put the league on notice.