Las Vegas Raiders: 3 key observations following the 23-18 SNF loss to Steelers

The Las Vegas Raiders lost a key game on Sunday night, and here are some observations from the 23-18 defeat inside Allegiant Stadium.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders
Pittsburgh Steelers v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Josh McDaniels isn't it

One of the more glaring discrepencies on Sunday night was the quality of the head coach for each of the two franchises. While Mike Tomlin from the Pittsburgh Steelers should walk into the Hall of Fame when all is said and done, as he has never had a losing season, Josh McDaniels is looking like he could be the first head coach fired this season.

Not only do the Raiders seem unprepared at times, he makes more head-scratching decisions than any other coach in the NFL right now. After only 20 games at the helm of the franchise, it is clear that the Raiders may have made a bad decision bringing in McDaniels, who was fired after a year and a half on the job in Denver in his first head coaching stint.

Maybe McDaniels can turn things around, but he and Dave Ziegler revamped this entire roster and still are finding ways to lose games. Sure, the Buffalo Bills in Week 2 were an elite team on the road that any AFC team would have struggled against, but this was a home opener against a very beatable team in the Steelers, and somehow, McDaniels managed to fumble it away.