3 reasons Jayden Daniels is the best-case scenario for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have their eyes set on Jayden Daniels, and here is why he would be a best-case scenario for the franchise moving forward.

Florida v LSU
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The Las Vegas Raiders need a franchise quarterback, that’s no secret. What else isn’t a secret? They want the reigning Heisman trophy winner, QB Jayden Daniels from LSU.

The problem is, Daniels is likely getting picked in the top 2-3 range. That will take a lot of bargaining for the Raiders to trade all the way up from the 13th pick overall to two or three, especially when the Washington Commanders and New England Patriots are in need of a quarterback.

Daniels has been on the Raiders radar for some time, as he has an excellent relationship with head coach Antonio Pierce. Daniels was also inside the Raiders locker room after their win against Denver, so there is no doubt that he would welcome putting on the Silver and Black to start his NFL career.

Let’s take a look at three reasons why it would be best case scenario for the Raiders to do whatever it takes to trade up and land the promising QB.