3 reasons Jayden Daniels is the best-case scenario for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have their eyes set on Jayden Daniels, and here is why he would be a best-case scenario for the franchise moving forward.

Florida v LSU
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2. Raiders could use a winner under center

What do you want in your franchise quarterback? You want someone who can win. Period. And Jayden Daniels does just that.

And like I said, he does it in a variety of ways. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner started 55 games at quarterback (26 at LSU, 29 at Arizona State) With a 37-18 overall record, including a 19-7 record with LSU. 

When it comes to the Raiders, there has been far too many losses over the last 20-plus seasons. Making the playoffs only in 2016 and 2021 since the 2002 NFL season, the Raiders need a player who has a history of winning, and can take this franchise on his back and start turning the Silver and Black into a perennial playoff contender.