3 reasons Jayden Daniels is the best-case scenario for the Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders have their eyes set on Jayden Daniels, and here is why he would be a best-case scenario for the franchise moving forward.

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3. Raiders new head coach Antonio Pierce recruited Daniels to Arizona State

Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce and Jayden Daniels go way way back. All the way back to when Jayden Daniels was 13 years old and weighed 145 pounds.

Daniels also gave Pierce a shoutout during his Heisman Trophy speech. When asked about if the Raiders traded up to take him, he smiled big and said “Man, I don’t even know what I’d do, that’d be crazy, I’d be hype!”

It sounds as if the feeling is mutual, along with Raiders star wide receiver Davante Adams, who has publicly posted how big of a fan he is of Daniels multiple times, including just earlier today when Adams shared a quote from Daniels on his own Instagram story that said “My resume speaks for itself.”


If the Raiders do indeed get a chance to trade up and get a franchise QB, especially Daniels, who head coach Antonio Pierce loves and has past connections with, you do it, and you do whatever it takes to make it happen. Daniels could provide a huge spark to this Raiders team that has been missing consistency at the quarterback position for a long time.

He has the swagger of a true Raider and would fit perfectlty with what the Raiders want to do going forward. And what’s that you may ask?

“Just Win, Baby.”