Raiders: 3 reasons Tom Telesco was the right hire for Las Vegas

The Raiders have hired Tom Telesco to be their next general manager, and here is why that was the right move.
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Raiders new GM has done a great job in the first round

Over the history of the Raiders, one thing has been a constant: draft busts in the first round. Regardless of the general manager, it always seems that the Raiders reach for a player like Alex Leatherwood or Clelin Ferrell instead of just taking the players everyone agrees are good. 

Under Telesco, the Chargers had no such issue as he selected seven Pro Bowlers with his twelve first-round picks while there. Whether it was Joey Bosa, Derwin James or Justin Herbert, Telesco doesn’t overthink it in the first round. Rashawn Slater and Mike Williams have been some of the best players in the league at their positions when healthy as well. 

The same can be said for his misses in the first round. While his hits outweigh the misses, even players like Kenneth Murray and Jerry Tillery were considered quality picks by nearly everyone at the time they were selected. 

With the amount of first-round picks that Las Vegas has wasted over the last several seasons, Raider Nation would certainly be happy with someone willing to stand Pat and select the best player on the board. This is even more important as the Raiders enter the market for a new franchise quarterback.