Raiders: 3 reasons Tom Telesco was the right hire for Las Vegas

The Raiders have hired Tom Telesco to be their next general manager, and here is why that was the right move.
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Raiders new GM is familiar with the AFC West

For Telesco, his mission remains the same: find a way to take down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs so you can win the AFC West. While he was never able to accomplish this feat with Los Angeles, his preparation and scouting will still be valuable and useful in Las Vegas. 

Not only is he familiar with the Chiefs, but after nearly eleven years with the Chargers he surely has some intel that would be valuable to the Raiders. Namely, keeping star quarterback Justin Herbert in check after he spent so much time with him. 

Perhaps most importantly, he has valuable experience studying the Raiders roster. While, in the past, he was devising ways to beat the Silver and Black, perhaps this has helped him identify the weaknesses of the team. 

Hiring a general manager who is already familiar with the teams in the AFC West will give the Raiders a head start on the off-season as the front office won’t have to do much evaluating of the other teams in their division.